The never ending story

downloadA boy named Sebastian lives with his dentist. They do not talk much. The father was very busy, and in the silence prevails. Perhaps it is the nature of the father or perhaps mourning (A and B purple) on the dead mother causing it to be closed or that he would rather not talk about it. Sebastian is a boy who has everything all. Is a fat boy and the guys making fun of him, even his teachers. One day he was persecuted by the students in the classroom and in the end he finds himself in a large garbage can. He was late because of that class. When coming to class, he suddenly decides to leave. What he will learn from the percentage of words? It’s also attitude and account history. In short, he walks down the street and having a bookstore. He went to her and Charles Conrad Korendr seller asks him to reconcile Sottoto. The boy tells him the truth about the beating he received. Meanwhile seller called into the other room to answer a phone call. Bastien’s gaze was having an open book seller armchair. Powerful mysterious force is attracted to tell and see that name on the cover: “The Neverending Story”. He decides to take or basically just steal the book. Indeed he does it and ran to the school. But where will? He recalled the attic. He also knows the location of the key. He entered the musty rise, curled up in a blanket and begins to sink reading the book. He identifies with is said and becomes one of the protagonists. The novel describes a unique world, the fantasy world full of special creatures, like swallows rocks, wood elf, a tiny creature misleading light (Doron glow), and much more. Stands at the top of the fantastic realm childlike empress, a beautiful princess. She was very sick and can save just by a unique drug. A boy named Otter called mission. Bastian identify with Otero and goes with him all his experiences. He met with the princess and at the end he returns to his home, his father. His father was glad to see him. Bastian tells his father about his experiences and the book has been lost and the librarian. The father was crying, 294. Bastian going to tell him who stole the book, but it turns out that the seller claims that such a book is not at all familiar to him, although he himself was a fantasy kingdom … conversation finishing the book. This brief conversation but the most interesting. The book ends with emotional meeting between father and son.

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