The eyes of the dragon

download (1)The plot deals in the land of forgotten monarchy, which dominates the old King Roland and his side magician and advisor Flag.bthilt story is looking for a woman he would like it and finds a 17-year-old girl named Ssh.hia likes, and the two Mthtnim.lssh born two children: the eldest son Peter (Like his mother and will be accomplished in many ways in the future) and young son Thomas (a slow thinking, but with a sense of direction and orientation are very good, like his father) but died after giving birth to Tomas.hmllach and kingdom all mourn many, because it was a queen is very good, polite and kind to all residents Madeline (city it is told) .hsifor follows the life of the royal family: While Peter intelligent, an excellent student and multi skills, Thomas was a little intelligence and always envied Peter on as he loved and one day, when he was 16, Peter was sent to trial for a crime terrible shook the Hmmllachh.lahr found guilty, he is led to prison needle square head (the most important square in God’s coronation ceremonies were made) where he should spend the rest of Hiio.bzmn imprisonment, plug takes fraudulently took power. His journey is described later in the legal heir apparent to the throne.

Criticism of the book is in fact the first fantasy quintessential Stephen King wrote. Book is told as an ancient legend. In this book, we encounter again dongle, who stars as evil in many of Stephen King’s books (including two who are below the list). Despite the simplicity of the book, writing simple and friendly, it’s one of the best books ever in its genre (on Ynet, he was elected again as one of the 25 best fantasy books in history!). Compelling storyline, excellent written characters, and this is a book you can not stop reading until you finish it (fortunately this is one of the shortest in more of Stephen

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