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Make Every Man Want You: How to Be So Irresistible

An amazing and probably one of the best dating book ever written. its exactly what the single woman needs, it contains lot of awesome and useful information that can make every man want you like crazy. Imagine for a moment how your life could be different if you could be now with the man you […]

alexandrias genesis – real or not?

¬†Alexandria’s Genesis or the Purple Eye Disease is a mutation that causes the eye to deepen its color from grey or blue to deep purple during the time of puberty. Some of the other characteristics of this condition are the lack of facial or body¬† hair, fair skin, dark brown or black hair, perfect vision, […]

The never ending story

A boy named Sebastian lives with his dentist. They do not talk much. The father was very busy, and in the silence prevails. Perhaps it is the nature of the father or perhaps mourning (A and B purple) on the dead mother causing it to be closed or that he would rather not talk about […]

The eyes of the dragon

The plot deals in the land of forgotten monarchy, which dominates the old King Roland and his side magician and advisor Flag.bthilt story is looking for a woman he would like it and finds a 17-year-old girl named Ssh.hia likes, and the two Mthtnim.lssh born two children: the eldest son Peter (Like his mother and […]