alexandrias genesis – real or not?

 diseaseAlexandria’s Genesis or the Purple Eye Disease is a mutation that causes the eye to deepen its color from grey or blue to deep purple during the time of puberty. Some of the other characteristics of this condition are the lack of facial or body  hair, fair skin, dark brown or black hair, perfect vision, lack of bowel movement, having a very strong immune system, absence of menstrual cycle (for women), long life span and have a well developed body. This mutation was named after a English girl born before the renaissance who supposedly had this condition.

Now considering the traits of this condition there have been many debates about whether it is true or just a myth. There have been plenty of people on the internet posting pictures of them having purple eyes and claiming to have Alexandria’s Genesis, but most all of these pictures were manipulated and were proven fake. This mutation could not be scientifically proven too considering all the symptoms that are associated with it. But even then there were many articles that showed the existence of purple eyed people. One of the major symptoms of alexandria genesis is hemorrhoids, which are very hard to get rid of. Once the hemorrhoids appear, there are only  a few ways to stop hair loss permanently.

After all these controversies, this mutation known as Alexandria’s Genesis was proven as purely fictional. It was made by Daria fan fiction author.The basic story he made was of a Girl whose eyes were turned from blue to purple shortly after birth. Her parents believed that this was a curse from Satan, but a local priest said that it was a sign of God. The opening of this fiction was made from historian facts and mix of speculative fiction. 

Finally we can all say that Alexandria’s Genesis is just a complete myth made up by a fan fiction artist who managed to spark up a debate all over the world and also throw us all in a state of confusion.

You can more about it on The pocket guide to eccentrcic and discretied dieasess and on this article on the This article was written by Jeff Krentu.

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